Lazarus Naturals French Vanilla Mocha High Potency CBD Tincture

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Strength: 120ml
  • The french vanilla mocha CBD oil blend of high potency tincture that combines naturally derived vanilla and coffee flavors with their high-quality hemp extract
  • Each capsule contains 50 mg of full-spectrum CBD 
  • Choose between 750 mg, 3,000 mg, or 6,000 mg of CBD
  • Contains organic coconut MCT oil, hemp extract, naturally derived flavors, and tree nuts (coconut)


Lazarus Naturals French Vanilla Mocha High Potency Tincture blends naturally derived vanilla and coffee extracts with high-quality hemp extract with all the benefits of a full spectrum CBD oil.



  • Each ml contains 50mg of CBD
  • Ingredients: Organic Coconut MCT Oil, Hemp Extract, Naturally Derived Flavors. CONTAINS: Tree Nuts (Coconut)


Serving & Usage 

To find the amount of CBD that's right for you, start with a small amount (25-50mg), wait two hours, and increase as needed or as directed by your healthcare professional. The dropper is marked every 0.25 ml (12.5 mg CBD), and each milliliter contains 50 mg of CBD


Certificate of Analysis- Click on the batch to see lab results.

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