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Papa & Barkley is made up of a wholesome team of caregivers, scientists, and other professionals all in pursuit to “unlock the power of cannabis”. Based in Pasadena, California, Papa & Barkley are on a mission to create safe and honest products using 99% Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients. Maintaining a high standard of testing, they are committed to bringing forward only the best cannabis wellness products.

Papa & Barkley’s line of products is not only affordable, but they are also non-GMO, soy-free, and vegan-friendly. You can select from their wide range of hemp CBD in the form of drops and tinctures, edibles, topicals, patches, skincare and so much more!



Where does Papa & Barkley’s hemp come from?

Papa & Barkley’s primary source of hemp is grown and harvested by local farmers at Emerald Queen Farms, in Humboldt Country, California. Other locations of locally grown hemp include Oregon and Vermont. With the partial humidity, Papa & Barkley has thoughtfully considered these locations to be the very best to grow their hemp.


Is Papa & Barkley Legit?

The short answer is yes, Papa & Barkley is a legit brand of hemp products. Unlike other CBD companies, Papa & Barkley is well-established on Trustpilot having received over 1,000 reviews and an impressive 4.7 out of 5 ratings. On top of this, they have also been reviewed on the Better Business Bureau and received an A+ rating.


How are Papa & Barkley’s products manufactured?

In the efforts to produce high-quality products, Papa & Barkley manufacture their hemp CBD using a Whole Plant Infusion process. This method starts with the plants grown locally by farmers and is used in their proprietary lipid infusion process.


The lipid infusion technique of hemp extraction is an all-natural and solvent-free process. Unlike other extraction methods, such as carbon dioxide or butane, the lipid infusion retains all of the plant's natural phytonutrients, terpenes, and full-spectrum cannabinoids.


One of the main reasons that Papa & Barkley outperforms other CBD brands is by sticking to a process that truly works. Using science and technology, there are no cutting corners when developing this impressive line of CBD. Although this method is anything but simple, they see the value in going above and beyond to create something spectacular.


The Whole Plant Infusion Process

Papa & Barkley strives to build trust with their consumers. In doing so, they have offered total transparency in the manufacturing of their premium hemp products. From start to finish, we have broken down the entire Whole Plant Infusion process in these 9 steps described below.


Step 1: Use of raw cannabis that is locally farmed in one of the selected Papa & Barkley hemp locations.


Step 2: Primary testing of raw cannabis to identify any pesticides, residual solvents, microbial, mycotoxins (mold), heavy metals, or foreign matter.


Step 3: The cannabis is soaked using lipid infusion, heat, pressure, water, and time.


Step 4: The cannabis is pressed, allowing the hemp oil to filter away from the raw plant.


Step 5: Secondary testing of infused oil is accomplished to detect cannabinoid and terpene profiles.


Step 6: The infused oil is blended with specific products, such as beeswax for the CBD balm products. 


Step 7: Tertiary testing of the blended infused oil is completed to ensure the final products are at their highest standards in terms of content and consistency.


Step 8: The vessels are filled with the new blended and extensively tested substances.


Step 9: The final product is certified by the state with a Certificate of Analysis (COA).


What Makes Whole Plant Infusion Superior?

The reason Papa & Barkley have chosen such a technical process is for the simple reason of purity and quality. While this process is expensive and labor-intensive, it is worth the work. As you can see above, all cannabis is triple-testing to make sure that consumers are getting the very best in every product across the board. The only way to achieve this is by testing the input cannabis from the farm, testing after it’s blended, and testing the packaged product.


Are Papa & Barkley products third-party tested?

Yes, all Papa & Barkley products are third-party tested. As a final step to the manufacturing process listed above, Papa & Barkley are one of the few CBD brands that provide a cannabis testing Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Each and every product of theirs has been tested based on the laws and regulations of the state.


To provide complete product transparency to their customers, Papa & Barkley offer additional information on their website about their entire testing process, what is being tested, and how to read their testing CoA. 


Does Papa & Barkley have THC in their products?

Papa & Barkley offer a range of true full-spectrum CBD products, meaning they contain trace amounts of legal THC (0.3%). Full-spectrum CBD oil, also known as “whole-plant” oil is minimally refined which helps to keep more of the cannabinoids and terpenes within the final product.


Do Papa & Barkley products get you high?

No, with only trace elements of THC in any full-spectrum CBD product, there is no way they will get you high. However, these products may not be for you if you’re cautious about the THC present — even trace amounts (less than 0.3%) may still flag a positive drug test.

Check out some THC-free alternatives labeled “pure CBD” which contain no extra cannabinoids or terpenes. Keep in mind that isolate CBD potency is usually higher than full-spectrum.


What are terpenes?

Cannabis terpenes are oils found in a natural hemp plant and are secreted by the same glands that produce cannabinoids (i.e CBD and THC). They carry a distinct scent to them which makes them incredibly unique. Many people prefer terpenes in their cannabis products to elevate flavors of citrus, mint, berry, pine, and so much more. These terpene oils are also secreted in fruits, plants, and herbs.


Throughout the cannabis manufacturing process, terpenes are an important characteristic that defines a final product. Typically, full-spectrum products will contain all phytochemicals found naturally in the hemp plant including CBD, cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes. These products are typically more potent in flavor and aromas. The full spectrum Lemongrass Ginger Releaf Drops are a great example of this.


In contrast, isolate products (also known as “pure CBD”) are stripped of these phytochemicals, including terpenes, creating a tasteless and odorless final product. This makes them much easier to add to a food and drink of your choice.


Do Papa & Barkley products contain gluten?

No, Papa & Barkley CBD products are all gluten-free, providing anyone with a gluten intolerance or even celiac disease with a healthy CBD alternative.


Even more impressive is their selection of vegan products. The only products that are not vegan-friendly are those that use beeswax, such as CBD balms. For those of you who have a sweet tooth, the THC Releaf Gummies come in 2 delicious vegan flavors: Berry Bust and Tart Apple.


How to use Papa & Barkley products

Depending on the category of CBD you select, Papa & Barkley products vary in how they are used. See below for more details on product usage.


Topicals (Balms, Lotions, and Oils)

Topicals can be applied directly onto an area of your skin and massaged in for total absorption. To enhance your CBD experience, it’s best to wash the desired area of your skin with a damp towel, pat it dry, then apply your topical of choice.


Ingestibles (Oil Tinctures & Capsules)

Oil tinctures are a popular way to consume CBD for reasons of both ease and effectiveness. Simply shake the bottle to mix well, fill up the 1-milliliter dropper to your desired serving size and squeeze it out under your tongue. Another option is to add the oil to your favorite food or beverage.

Capsules are a great product when you’re looking for an exact measurement of CBD every time. You can take these by drinking a small sip of water (if needed) and swallowing them whole. Capsules generally take a little longer to kick in but can last you much longer than oils.


Edibles (Chocolate Bars and Fruity Gummies)

Edibles are a tasty way to start or end your day with some quality CBD. Similar to capsules, edibles are a great way to get a precisely measured dose of CBD in every bite. Both the chocolate bars and fruity gummies can be chewed and swallowed.


Transdermal (Patches)

Transdermal patches can be applied to a desired area of skin. Your wrists, ankles, upper arms, shoulders, or the back of the neck are all great locations for efficient CBD absorption into your body. Similar to the topical salves, make sure to wash and dry the area of skin before applying the patch. These patches can be worn for up to 12 hours!


What is MCT oil and why is it used in so many products?

You may have noticed that a majority of Papa & Barkley oils have MCT oil listed as one of the primary ingredients. MCT oil is a supplement made from a fatty acid known as medium-chain triglycerides. Unlike the common fats we often consume (long-chain triglycerides), MCT can be absorbed in our bloodstream making it much easier to digest. In turn, this helps to provide us with an immediate source of energy.

A popular Papa & Barkley CBD oil that uses MCT oil is the 450 mg Natural Releaf Drops.


What’s the best time of day to use Papa & Barkley products?

There is truly no right or wrong answer when it comes to the time of day you use your Papa & Barkley product. It’s really all about your own personal preference.

Some people like to use their capsules and oils in the morning for a jump start to the day, others like to use their topical oils and lotions before bedtime for total relaxation. Find out what works best for you and stick with it!


What are the differences between ‘High Potency’ and ‘Standard Potency’?

Papa & Barkley products provide varying levels of potency to fit your everyday needs. The strength of a CBD oil describes how much cannabidiol it contains, making it either ‘standard potency’ or ‘high potency’. This is an important factor in determining both the cost and effectiveness of the product.

High potency products are those that contain a higher milligram concentration of CBD per milliliter while standard potency products contain a lower concentration. For example, in the same 60 ml bottle, you can have either 600 mg cannabinoids (high potency) or 300 mg cannabinoids (standard potency).


How to decide which potency is right for you

It’s important to be mindful that CBD dosage depends on weight, metabolism, body chemistry, and various other factors. If you’re unsure about selecting a product based on its potency, Papa & Barkley recommend starting at a lower potency and adjust accordingly over time.

Oil tinctures are the safest bet when starting out with a CBD product. Although the potency is based on a 1-milliliter measurement, you can also choose to take less or more than this.


What is the highest potency CBD that Papa & Barkley carries?

If you’re an experienced CBD user, you’ll have to check out the Papa & Barkley 900mg Natural Releaf Drops which contain 900 mg of cannabinoids per 30 ml bottle. Not only does this product contain the highest potency of CBD that Papa & Barkley carries, but it’s almost twice the potency of other oils on the market.


How do you store Papa & Barkley products?

In the effort to maintain optimal shelf life, Papa & Barkley recommend that their products need to be stored in a cool dark area, away from sunlight and humidity. Each product is clearly labeled with an expiration date based on these ideal storage conditions. All hemp oils and tinctures have a 1-year shelf life.


How to choose which Papa & Barkley oil to buy?

Selecting the perfect Papa & Barkley oil is a very individual process. The perfect oil for one person may not be for another — and that’s ok. We want to familiarize you with the varieties of CBD and THC oils so you can get the most satisfaction out of the product you select.


What are CBD:THC Ratios?

The two main cannabinoids involved in each ratio, CBD and THC, either taken together or individually offer very different effects on your body. As the two most prominent cannabinoids in a cannabis plant, they are available in varying ratios to best suit your needs. For example, your CBD:THC ratio may depend on what you’re treating, your desired potency, or your desired level of psychoactivity.

Options include:

  • 1:1 — CBD:THC balanced or CBD:THCa balanced
  • 1:3 — THC rich (1:30 for THC dominant)
  • 3:1 — CBD rich (30:1 for CBD dominant)


What is THCa?

THCa, known as tetrahydrocannabinol acid, is another non-intoxicating form of THC derived from the raw cannabis plant. Rather than heating, burning, and vaporizing the THCa throughout a process known as decarboxylation to turn it into THC, it’s left as is. THCa is thought to provide a more energizing effect on the body when compared to its THC counterpart.


Our Review of Papa & Barkley products

Papa & Barkley carry a selection of affordable products including oils, capsules, edibles, and patches, as well as skincare oils and lotions. Within each category of products, there are numerous ratios of potency options available. Whether you’re looking for a CBD dominant (30:1), CBD/THC balanced (1:1), or a THC dominant (1:3), Papa & Barkley truly has it all.

All product prices depend on the potency of cannabis involved, ranging anywhere from $30 to $80. The higher the potency, the more expensive the product.


Here are all the products Papa & Barkley have to offer:

Topicals: Balms

Papa & Barkley make an impressive topical balm, blended with simple, plant-based ingredients that will keep your skin smooth to the touch. With the sleek packaging, these travel-sized jars are perfect for on-the-go CBD applications. Infused by their proprietary whole plant processing, these balms are unique in both potency and terpene content.

The full-spectrum CBD Releaf Balm is a best-seller among the many Papa & Barkley products. This potent blend is made with a beeswax base and includes a blend of relaxing essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and tee tree. This product is available in both a 15 ml jar (containing 180 mg CBD), and a 50 ml jar (containing 600 mg CBD).

Other options include:

  • THC Releaf Balms (1:3) - Not sold online
  • THC Releaf Balms (3:1) - Not sold online


Topicals: Creams & Lotions

Topical creams and lotions are continuing to grow in popularity across the globe. One of the best-selling Papa & Barkley products is their CBD Releaf Repair Cream. Using all-natural ingredients, including Squalane and Jojoba oil helps to both soothe and moisturize the skin, leaving it light and airy to finish.

Each 30 ml bottle contains 450 mg of high-quality full-spectrum CBD, packed with all the essential terpenes and cannabinoids.


Other creams & lotions include:

  • CBD Releaf Body Lotion
  • THC Releaf Repair Cream (1:1) - Not Sold Online
  • THC Releaf Body Lotion - Not Sold Online



Topical Oils

Last but not least are the topical oils which are lightweight and fast-absorbing. Papa & Barkley recommend starting at a low dose of only 2-3 pumps, making sure to massage the oil thoroughly into your skin.

Depending on your cannabis preferences, you can select either the CBD Releaf Body Oil or the THC Releaf Body Oil. No matter which you choose, you can’t go wrong with these body oils. Using a blend of essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender, the aromas are both delicate and refreshing.


Ingestible Tinctures

Papa & Barkley offer an impressive full-spectrum CBD Releaf Tincture that contains only two key ingredients: MCT oil and hemp-derived CBD. As mentioned above, MCT oils are fractionated coconut oil that’s easily metabolized by our bodies which helps to enhance CBD absorption.

The THC relief oil tinctures are reviewed as having a “natural” or “earthy” taste, especially in the lemongrass ginger variety. Both flavors are available in 450 mg per 30 ml bottle or 900 mg per 60 ml bottle, along with a 1-milliliter dropper.


Other options include:

  • THCa Focus Tincture
  • THC Releaf Tinctures (1:1)
  • THC Releaf Tinctures (1:3)
  • THC Releaf Tinctures (1:30)
  • THC Releaf Tinctures (30:1)
  • THCa Living Tincture
  • CBD Releaf Tincture Natural Flavour


Ingestible Capsules

Papa & Barkley have produced a full-spectrum CBD Releaf Capsule that continues to be in high demand. As a simple, yet effective method to achieving the benefits of CBD, these capsules are also made with quality ingredients. Made only of coconut oil and hemp extract, they come in vegan-friendly, gluten-free and soy-free.

The best part is, each bottle contains 30 capsules and when stored appropriately, they can last you several weeks or months depending on your use.


Other options include:

  • THC25 Releaf Capsules
  • THC50 Releaf Capsules
  • THC Releaf Capsules (1:3)
  • THC Releaf Capsules (30:1)
  • CBD Releaf Capsules


Edibles: Chocolate Bars

A product known and loved by many is the Papa & Barkley chocolate CBD bar edibles. Made with 99% Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients, these bars are both delicious and nourishing. All bars are also made soy-free, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO.

The THC Released Dark Chocolate & Seas Salt Bars give you refreshing a taste of the Humboldt coastline while the THC Releaf Milk Chocolate Bars blend premium cannabis and cacao for a moment of bliss in every bite. All bars contain 5 mg of THC per piece and 100 mg THC per bar.


Edibles: Fruity Gummies

Papa & Barkley went above and beyond when creating their line of fruity gummies. Offering a wide range of flavors, including berry burst (vegan), tart apple (vegan), juicy orange (non-vegan), and wild strawberry (non-vegan), there’s a delicious gummy for everyone.

Not only are these gummies tasty but they are also gluten-free, sugar-free, zero-calorie, and keto-friendly. Each gummy contains 5 mg THC.


Transdermals: Patches

Transdermal patches are a new product that is used for more targeted relief on your body. Papa & Barkley have plenty of transdermal options offered in both CBD-rich, THC-rich, and CBD/THC-balanced. Each patch contains ~30 mg of cannabinoids.

Options include:

  • CBD Releaf Patch
  • THC Releaf Patch (1:1)
  • THC Releaf Patch (1:3)
  • THC Releaf Patch (3:1)


How you can place your order

Now that you’ve learned all about the Papa & Barkley brand and products, you’re hopefully able to choose a product with ease. We proudly ship these products from Santa Clarita, California and reach all across the USA. If you have any questions about our shipping and return policies, you can use our Live Chat feature or contact us at