Joy Organics

Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a family-run CBD company that has developed one of the best reputations within this industry. Todd Smith, a co-founder of Joy Organics, has been in the metabolic health arena for 28 years. When he saw the results cannabidiol has on his wife Joy’s pain, he knew he had his hands on something special. In collaboration with their son, Jarred, the family set out to create two store-front CBD shops and an online business that has taken this industry by storm. As their website details, “Joy Organics was created with a clear initiative: to develop premium CBD products through innovation and excellence, with service to match.”


Where does Joy Organics’s hemp come from?

All of Joy Organics’s hemp is organically grown in Colorado, United States. The farm not only avoids using chemical-rich fertilizers but also makes sure each plant is grown in nutrient-rich soil. Not to mention, the farming process includes innovative water-saving practices. Joy Organics is also a board member of the U.S. Hemp Round Table which helps to educate and assist the public about CBD and hemp.


How are Joy Organics’s products manufactured?

Unlike many CBD companies, Joy Organics gives a detailed review of how their CBD products are manufactured. This is as follows:


  • Hemp is processed into a powder form and taken to the company’s processing facility in Colorado.
  • At their cGMP compliant facility, they use supercritical CO2 extraction.
  • The hemp extract is separated from the supercritical CO2 used in the extraction process. Once this step is completed, the CO2 is recycled and used again in the distillation process.
  • Using proprietary technology, Joy Organics is able to remove a number of undesired compounds, including wax, chlorophyll, plant pigments, and trace amounts of THC.
  • All batches of products are then tested in a third-party laboratory to ensure safety and quality.


Joy Organics’s Third-Party Testing

In order to ensure safety and quality, Joy Organics runs all its products through a third-party lab test. This provides an unbiased analysis of various aspects of the CBD, including its cannabinoid and terpene count, its purity, and whether or not it holds any contaminants, such as pesticides.


The third-party lab Joy Organics tests their products is called PhytaTech Metrics and Solutions. Since Joy Organics is sure to test each batch of CBD, you have the option to view any batch of products through their website. In order to find the batch number of your product, you’ll want to check the bottom of the bottle.


Does Joy Organics have THC in their products?

No! All of Joy Organics products use a broad-spectrum extract which means there is no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their products. However, all other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes remain. Joy Organics is able to do this thanks to the proprietary technology they use to remove THC.


Do Joy Organics’s products contain gluten?

Since most CBD products contain very few ingredients, it’s safe to say the majority of Joy Organics products are gluten-free. For example, their standard tincture only contains virgin olive oil, broad-spectrum hemp extract, and natural flavorings.


However, Joy Organics does not advertise that any of its products are gluten-free. For this reason, we highly suggest you take a deeper look into the ingredients used for these products before purchasing. This will allow you to identify whether or not they meet the expectations of your dietary necessities.


How to use Joy Organics’s products?

Joy Organics offers a number of different products and, with that, each product is meant to be used differently. Here’s a brief overview of how to use Joy Organics products:


CBD Oil Tincture - Place a full dropper under your tongue and hold the oil there for 15 to 45 seconds. From there, you can swallow.

CBD Gummies - Eat one or two of these gummies at a time.

CBD Softgels - Swallow one soft gel at a time with a full glass of water. If you plan to take more than one soft gel for a dosage, make sure to take them consecutively.

CBD Topicals - Apply as much as necessary to the affected area.

CBD Energy Drink - Mix one pack with water and drink the full beverage.

CBD Pet Products - For their CBD Pet Tincture, you’ll either want to administer it directly or place drops within your pet’s food. For their CBD Dog Treats, you’ll simply want to give your pup one or two at a time.


Do Joy Organics’s products get you high?

No! As mentioned above, Joy Organics removes all THC from their products. THC is the chemical compound within the cannabis plant that’s known for causing psychoactivity - or, in other words, a “high.” Since there’s no THC in Joy Organics products, there’s no chance of experiencing a high or failing a drug test that looks for THC.


What is the strength of Joy Organics’s products?

The strength of Joy Organics products are all measured out in milligrams (mg). This is clearly labeled on the front of the product and will give you a sense of how strong or light a particular product is. For example, their tincture can be purchased in either 7.5mg, 15mg, 30mg, or 45mg per serving (with the total amount of CBD within the bottle ranging from 225mg to 1,350mg).


The higher numbers indicate a stronger product. While low CBD strengths usually work for newcomers, it’s important to understand that everyone reacts to CBD differently. Therefore, if you find a product isn’t having the effects you expected, you should take double or triple the amount and see how you feel.


How do you store Joy Organics products?

You’ll want to store all of Joy Organics products in a cool, dry place. This is the perfect environment for CBD. Many have found their pantry or medicine cabinet to work. However, if you’d like to hold onto a CBD product for a long period of time (i.e. months to years), then you may want to refrigerate it. It’s important never to place a product in a place that gets direct sunlight.


Joy Organics’s Products and Pricing

Joy Organics offers a wide variety of high-quality products and offers something for everyone. To get a better sense of how each of these products can help you, we definitely suggest doing some research into your ailment and CBD’s potential benefits.


What are the best-selling Joy Organics oils and products?


CBD Oil Tincture 

Being one of Joy Organics’s most popular products, these high-quality CBD oil tinctures are perfect for both new CBD users and long-time CBD fans. They can be purchased in various potencies, from 7.5mg to 45mg per serving (225mg to 1,350mg total). They also come in the following flavors: Natural, Orange Bliss, Super Lemon, and Tranquil Mint.


CBD Gummies 

These CBD gummies are some of the best currently on the market, offering 10mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract per gummy (300mg per 30-count container). Each gummy is gelatin-free making it 100% vegan and uses no artificial colors, flavors, or dyes. These can be purchased in either Strawberry Lemonade or Green Apple.


CBD Softgels

Joy Organics currently offers three different CBD softgel products, each of which contains 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD per softgel (750mg per 30-count container). While their standard CBD softgels will do the job, we found their CBD softgels with melatonin to be perfect for getting a good night’s sleep. They also offer CBD softgels with curcumin which has a number of beneficial properties.


Joy Organics CBD Topicals 

Joy Organics currently offers five different CBD topical products, each of which is meant for on-the-skin application. Topicals may be more ideal for you as they allow you to target specific areas of the body. Their CBD salves are great for those looking for an easy muscle rub-on that feels somewhat oily, whereas their CBD creams are perfect for moisturizing the skin. Joy Organics also offers a CBD bath bomb in case you'd prefer to have a nice warm bath.


Joy Organics CBD Energy Drinks

If you’re looking to take CBD right in the morning, look no further than Joy Organics CBD energy drink mix. Each pack contains 75mg of caffeine along with 12.5mg of CBD (62.5mg per 5-pack box).


Joy Organics CBD Pet Products 

Joy Organics currently offers two CBD pet products, a tincture, and dog treats. Each tincture comes with 1.5mg per serving (225mg per bottle) and can be administered for near-immediate CBD usage for your pet. However, you may find that a CBD tincture is too difficult to administer. If so, you’ll want to check out Joy Organics’s CBD dog treats. Each of these contains 2mg per chew (60mg per 30-count container) and comes in a delicious beef flavor.


Which Joy Organics product is right for you?

It’s hard for us to determine which Joy Organics product is perfect for you. We highly suggest doing a bit of research into your ailment and how others have managed it with CBD. For example, if you’re struggling with muscle aches, you’ll find reports of people using topicals to help. On the other hand, if you’re simply looking for overall wellness, you may benefit from a standard CBD oil tincture.